October days

The most amazing thing about me is very simple and one of the best worst person on the earth, yes that would be me and nothing else can be compared with me, i mean as a human definitely, maybe in some other version, there will not any possibly a person that God Almighty has ever created.

Anyway getting back to the topic, it’s very easy for me to not sleep at night and simply skip it till morning and when it’s down i would sleep for evening.

Now got the idea? Great that’s good, at least you know someone is worth nothing is living on this so called plant earth, like that said and learned earth is ball shape. Nothing else matters to anyone except the paper money more and more, everyone will do anything for it. Me too.

However i have been working on habit to improve me and my personal spiritual life, so i used to go to Mosque everyday, five times a day and that has been kind of happy times, after i moved to a single room last month 7th, that has been quite not working as I was doing before, when i did check it with my concern mind, it seems to me that i was doing it for shake of others, than God Almighty.
So that’s one of the worst person still writing crap on WordPress.
Fuck me dude.


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