The stupid Me September 6, 2015

The long term of myself and my life is not worthy at all because I have been pursuit of things that really doesn’t matter at all! I’m calling myself as it.

The only reason to be end up like this very simple and easy to explain to anyone because I’m a born fuck up! And I tend to update myself every other day without any reason! So the updates are not unique or inorder but it’s random events of me!

Let me explain it better

Past month I have changed the lunch and dinner restaurant I used to eat and there was a good looking girl in the restaurant as dishwasher and I have layered my eye’s on her and suddenly I heard she’s fucking someone who I know, so my mind is pissed and fucked may be it could be silly to who you reading but I’m 38 and still don’t have a girlfriend or wife is something very hard!

So today I heard that she has run away with this guy and felt better!

What the fuck is wrong with me and my mind!

Can’t fucking figure it out



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