3 Types Of Writer’s Anxiety: And How To Overcome The Avoidance Behavior They Evoke

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439421_headacheToday I wanted to talk about writing and anxiety: the different ways anxiety can affect us, and how we can counteract the impulse anxiety always gives us toward adopting avoidance behaviors.

Now, I want to be clear I’m not talking about the anxiety disease here, which is a documented medical issue. That is a whole other situation, and one I have no qualifications to comment on.

Rather, I’m discussing the natural and normal levels of anxiety all people face when they set about doing something they feel is good and important and worthwhile, but still difficult and maybe a bit painful.

These anxieties, which are only to be expected, can still provoke some level of avoidance behavior and lead us into writing slumps and periods where we don’t create anything, not because we have nothing to say and the ideas are still coming together, but because we don’t want to…

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