Insufficient Life

This is to the most interesting subject of mine to write about! Because all of life only LOVE didn’t work out in any way! Yeah that true with all my heart because I love the people who I meet and having an conversation, maybe I’m in a not worthy in a place or time but I still do make simply smile 3 strange people every day!

The moment has been passing and some time I’m regret the time of the way living but so l far nothing has been up but most of the time it’s down to the bottom of the bottle!

I think all of my life I want to get the negative energy away from me in any way! So I’ll be pretty clear In my mind to think ahead with the life I have to live with all that I have! I always think about Raashid and Rawha!

The darkest night is not what we feel bit the things we source it around our self with the things we called friends, ciggies, alcohol and many other

It’s 24 of February of 2015, I want believe that I was living it still without my pain, I think from my last 5 years of life span has been changed the way I was thinking and how I manipulate the my own brain without hesitation!

There was an individual incident that sticker me most of the feeling and I told my self that I’ll be fine, but when I saw the end result of it, I was able to cry lot loud

Joting down
The girl who used to talk to me and ask about, did you had your lunch or dinner was so fucking silent sine yesterday, and I don’t know what was trigger her anyway and I don’t have any clue about hers Actions but I think i have ne more stone strong to face it without limitation what so ever!

I don’t know what my life is doing to me what I’m guiding it by the fucked mind of it! The most economical effective way to feel it and get to the point and living the moment I have to live it whatever way the life or life which took me to the end

I don’t think I’m going to be good in having the pain almost every time, I don’t want to explode

This is the drunk night of multiple life

Make a goal and move one? What is real keeping me out of that goals? Am I really have a goal or why I didn’t had any goals in my entire life time?

The story line that popes up in head 21 April 2015


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