16 June 13

I remember last night I came home, after work not much tired or existed, just a usual day.

After my boss decided to fire a girl due to some grouping in work, anyway that doesn’t concern me either.

Came home with the prediction of going to work on Saturday , but that turned out to be not, I just slept all night and day, wake up by evening half passed six in the evening, that riding give me much of choice either, this was my second day of sleeping very long hours His week, I don’t feel anything wrong in my body or health.

Went out for dinner and eased my dirty cloths for the week and read all unread emails and shorted out what to check or read more next week.

By midnight felt hungry and made some rice, which is only thing I have in the home, made some rice with pickle mixed in it and had my late night dinner.

3 doors down, time of my life album song called Heaven made my day, wonder why I haven’t lesson to in before.

I made a promise to myself that I will write every day for rest of my life in this blog.

Lately I was remembering most of the family members and the time I spent with them, some time I forgot to remember what the hell in this world I am doing here?


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