Time Line

Our life is just like a river and live knows it will find the way out of everything but we don’t, we just experience it every minute by minute, future is unpredictable to us, that why we do have too many plans for it!

How come we really don’t understand the life itself as we live through?

Matter or fact we don’t lessen to life more often, and tend to move away with other things or just ignoring the way of it, just assume in a hot a humid day, when we walk a mile or two then body just sweats, what do we do? is just wipe it over or wash ourself or get in to a air-condition mall or car to cool it down but what is our body telling us, body is making itself cooling by generating some sweat but what should we do?

When body itself cooling it engine, there is no need to cool it out side, when you wash it, wipe, or getting in to air-con doesn’t helping out, your just braking the natures code of law, when you do that it’s generate different reaction inside the body, it’s trying to get wrong signals much faster mode.

Why we hate our own sweat? When you live in the society of people around you, your not loving for yourself but for others, you don’t feel comfortable when some one sees you with it or they might catch done bad smell or you think your not hygienic enough, either way your not making easy for your engine, rather than living for you, your living for others, what’s worth of it?

Next time when you sweat, don’t do anything nasty for yourself, just wait for the body engine to cool it down. When your sick or near to death no one will help you except the yourself, so worry about yourself and tell the world yo fuck off


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