Jailbreak iPhone

This is to tell you all of the people who own a iPhone.

Kindly don’t jail break your iPhone for any reason, I am a guy with no knowledge and I did and fucked up with 72 hours of my time and spend more Han $100 to restore it back, thank god I did it my self and my iPhone is not working. with original iPhone system but I can only work with jail brake.

So don’t get in to the trouble more than your in every day in your life with jails break.

If your phone is fucked up then you much go to an Internet cafe and make sure they don’t have Freezer for C or D then, just re install with x p fixer and reinstall the winds and do the restore, still the no service then jail break if not use it as it is:

Only re installing can work for you.
I did it because I spent $ 269 to tell you what went wrong in my iPhone


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