Story of homeless

Every thing and every one got a story what is yours mate, an old man asked some years ago, when i broke in Tibet.

finally I have to find out what is my story, problem with the later will be something like telling something near deaths stories that is for lucky ones but I am not so sure about it!

So I have to find mine when Iam living this moment, what could be my story then?

For sure that my fortress was build in the lies and cheating and braking any given promises, breaking the trust to all kinds of laws which god and man made ones, finally just pretending that I know that for long time before.

Talking like shit head but in a good presented way, spending all the dime left in the pocket infill unrealized that I’m in the corner of the street without food drink and a shelter.

Not bagging but tying to find some food in the garbage bins and sleeping like shit out of pig any place that I find, wondering what’s int the head of the person walking by side, when get hungers the finding some water to drink and satisfying myself, finding stick of smoke left overs in the bins and pedestrian walk ways and checking that is some one noticing me or not?

Walking all the nights in the dark and lonely road without any fear of death, sleeping till the late Afternoon and finding a smoke in the pocket to tell Kessler that I can live now.

Drinking the tea for one hour and wondering will some people buy some food for me?

At the same time thinking and telling my inner self that if I have money one day I will give some food to people who are close to the church or temple or mosque wherever placese people worship so called GoD.

Why I have to lie so much about me to my self? Why In the name of hell? Why?
What is my life with beer?
What did it give me today?
Am I happy after having it? Am I just losing myself?
What is the worth of me tonight?
Should I drink like this every day of my rest of life or the smoke?

I am in my common sence then way aloud I have to think about this shit beer every time and why should I tweet it at night then?

Got an answer I bat you don’t that why Ian telling you to be in a change and find out.

Have I ever thought about the people I met today and have I remember any of there faces or any conversation?
What age would be appropriate to live forever?

What the motivation that I can remember every day or which one is always stays with your heart?


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