Five grand in China

I really don’t know where to start or where to end this story, all my childhood dreams becoming a true reality most of the time.

I only know that I was stack in the middle of my life and I am very seriously in the mid life crises.

The work I do and make money out of it going to the hell of other extra ordinary things and every month I am straggling to keep my credit down, but couldn’t find the way out.

Sine I was very little boy I was very much attracted to woman and I have done lots of nasty things down my life that one mile stone that has changed me till today.

My life took a very sudden change of some people back in the 2010 where these people not good and not bad, I meat one of the other guy way back in 1996, however our relationship renewed back in Dubai 2002 meeting this person out side of my work place, that brought my very closed friend in year 2006.

After very browed crapes of my financial time, this person had a chain of other guys that who able to do more things than him self, then I get involved in the picture with the other one.

He became more of idea souse and he made a hell of mistakes and bad shit of his life, I thought I would be able to make right things out if it but you know when the bad get vase is nothing to talk about.

mean time I brought one of my dear friend, for along time, without knowing how much hard shot going to impact our friendship and the way we live.

What happens was not that much deal but I was blind with all the things I was beloved in it, I sold all of my mothers jewels and valuable to fuel the company, with my dear friend first ever tour to China became chattered catoastropy anyone who can image.

We have unofficially smuggled with us some less value gems and some gem stones where I know the seller back in China, when we landed in China we had each other us$ 5000, I was bit drunk that point and I was in the terrific feeling that we have cheated Chinese immigration at the air port.

Got in to the bus that lead us to nearest town he was telling me, All kind if religious stuff and how to behave in the aggressive manner and finally he asked me, give the five grand to him to keep it safe at that point,

I thought he was asking it due to anger and I didn’t refuse to give it back but I didn’t give him subconsciously.

We landed in the GZ after hour of so wondering all the buildings and landscapes, he told me after seeing a bridged these bridge was becoming famous after the earthquakes, however Chinese them self started to build these massive structures long before.

We took a train ticket to next city where we intent to buy all of our Chinese made electrical things, the city called in shot SZ, and I have called my Chinese advisor and good friend Joy and told her that we arrived and will be at SZ station after an hour.

We walked the way to this train station like all other people around us, and that evening was kind of cold though, it was very crowed train and we had our seat to rest of the journey.

identified the which car we should enter enter and we are about to board the train, I am having long backpack and sea friend is having pulling bad with the wheel on it and long handle, so first I got on the train and removed one of my hand from backpack while passing my dear friend at that point, i fix my backpack upper carriage, i left down compartment of the baggage rack, he might be able to keep it down and I removed from my hand trilling to reach the rack kept the baggage and when I try to talk up my dear friend then suddenly he’s voice became more hard and harsh telling me some one robbed him.

For a first moment I was stunned and wondering what fuck thus all about? Next thing he cried that some fuckers took his hole cash with him, suddenly I asked him where the fuck he kept the ducking money.

it was all one hundred notes for five grand, it want stay in the jeans rear pocket for the same reason I kept it gun pocket, he showed me the fucking back of his jeans, to the note his jeans was lose and can’t tell that which time robbery was tool place.

anyway then I called my advisor then on board police then nothing happened, we was out if luck for the very fist time and the last time,

when I was travelling back some year ago to find good life to HK, I really want to have a cup of coffee which look like Starbucks but not that one, i bought one for RMB 25, after paying thinking what fuck I did, while we are sitting together at the train after loosing the five grand I saw the same coffee, I offered my dear friend one but he refused it with the care of the world who blame others for there fault.

At the SZ train station police we meat Joy, we meat one more long friend of mine in his apartment with quite little dog, his girl friend and some others from Manila, we didn’t stay that long as my friend don’t like the fucking dogs, next evening I meat the my sister in law who came to see me from Shangchuzan


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